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The BSC Woodworks Story:

I grew up with a love for construction spending hours wearing my toy toolbelt pretending to build the latest and greatest thing. As I grew older I would spend hours by my father's side learning the construction trade. My passion further developed when I had the opportunity to take a construction course along with an internship with a construction company in my high school years. From the first day "on the job" I knew I was where I wanted to spend my life, building homes and remodeling, bringing someone's dream to life.


After high school I took a few varying jobs to grow skills in other trades, but I always found my way back to remodeling and building custom homes. I spent a decade honing my skills working for contractors throughout Western NC, particularly building mountain homes in Cashiers, NC. In 2009, after the birth of my first daughter, I made the leap to secure our family's future. I started my own company, BSC Woodworks, and have spent the last 8 years remodeling homes in Upstate, SC. 


In 2013, we completed our family with the addition of our second daughter. In 2016, I found myself battling renal cell carcinoma. Due to my treatment, surgery, and recovery, I was unable to take on any remodeling work for almost 6 months of the year. I was battling cancer, dealing with depression due to the cancer, and worried about the future of my family and our business.


A friend of my wife's had seen a custom farmhouse table I built and asked if I was physically able to build from my workshop at home. After some debate, I decided to take the build with the understanding that it would take time. I was physically unable to work more than an hour or two at a time without becoming too exhausted to continue. Slowly but surely that table brought me back to life. I spent weeks building that table, and with each hour of work my passion and strength came back. By the time the table was delivered I had orders for many more custom furniture pieces, and I had proven to myself I could physically do it again. At the beginning of 2017, I was able to return to remodeling, and custom furniture found its place as an addition to BSC Woodworks.


I have a passion for what I do. I truly enjoy every aspect of construction. I enjoy walking through each phase with my customers from demolition to creating a remodel or custom piece of furniture that meets their needs. Each day is a new challenge I am happy to accept. BSC Woodworks is more than a "job". It is my happiness, and it would be my pleasure to create a piece of furniture or remodel that brings you joy, too!



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